ro.bert here.

I am generally interested in anything that doesn’t reduce my optionality and things that you can do once that work in perpetuity.

My work revolves around spaces—both the digital and physical places we inhabit in our everyday lives: interfaces, cyberspace, cities, and the like

This page is a basic tl;dr of my philosophical foundation.

I weave metaphors, explore open questions, and write occasionally about my discoveries. Please, make your self at home,

And don’t forget to holler if you need anything—I’ll be right over here

My current nano-philosophy

Created: 2019/4/3 Last update: Tue, 8 Aug, 2023 Status: In progress


Stage I

I am here, alive and present. I possess a wealth of experiences. My aim is to amplify and enrich these experiences to their fullest potential.

Stage II

Other individuals exist. Other individuals have an experience like mine. Other humans want to maximize their experience.

Stage III

Humans synergize to create better experiences. If I synergize with others, it will maximize my experience. Others will synergize with me to maximize their experience.

On Age

Age really is just an anxiety-inducing number. Feeling like you need to have your life figured out by the time you’re 20, comparing yourself to other people your age, stressing about turning 30, and feeling like you are officially no longer “young”. A way for people to put you into a convenient box.

I understand that if you want to function in society, you need to keep track of things. Sometimes I feel like I do not even need to have a name. If I have a group of people that really know me, they don’t need to call me anything. I suppose I like not to be bound by stuff that other people bring on you.

There is no day, there is no night. I am trying not to bind myself to the arbitrary calculations of cycles and sequences which are ultimately imaginary. It is easier for me to say that a day doesn’t end when the moon is out, and the day doesn’t begin when the sun rises. It is all a continuous flow. Not chopped up into pieces. I do enjoy being alone and have a tendency toward a solitary or sheltered lifestyle. I am indeed a walking contradiction.

When people ask me the “what do you do for a living question” — sometimes it can be quite hard to properly explain it, especially if you are not trully using the internet.

I used to work inside the CAD, AR, VR, IoT industry for 5 years. A quasi-corporate environment lowkey powering some parts of the world’s infrastructure. You never really know who’s mantaining the software designed to build pipes and spread them throughout the sea so that you can have gas in your car and go sightseeing with your significant other in a lifechanging city-break, am I right? Or who’s designing the toilets for the International Space Station. That stuff is not sexy.

I can say something generic like I’m a YouTuber or I’m a course designer or professional Tweeter bot — but the reality is far more complex.

I do a lot of things. I’m a designer, writer, independent researcher & web tinkerer. I am generally interested in anything that doesn’t reduce my optionality and things that you can do once that work in perpetuity.

On Death

Not fully convinced by the idea of death. How selfish of me! One of my aims is to find a way to make us humans connect on a deeper level using technology. Oxymoronic, right? Being together in a state of a continuous flow of essences juggling and understanding one another just by learning how to leverage compressed communication? I do enjoy thinking about Longtermism

I feel that as societies evolve, they tend to become more focused on defence instead of offence.

A few examples:

◒ it seems that offensive forces generally have the upper hand since it is simpler to create a weapon that can destroy a large number of smaller ones than the opposite, but the technology required to intercept and destroy is much more complicated than the technology to simply blow things up;

◒ it is generally more useful to avoid a fight instead of engaging into a street-fight; I am not sure about the stats here, but isn’t the person who throws the first punch most at fault?

◒ it seems like cryptography is about living in a world where defense wins

◒ being the one who’s doing less talking and more listening is receiving input instead of expelling input; being a good listener is about learning how to make space for another person’s worries, thoughts, ideas, and words and oftentimes sacrificing your own

I should be able to come up with more examples as this post evolves, but I was wondering what are your thoughts around this.