Culture is brainwashing you

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Original date: 2016

Culture is brainwashing you so you can desire completion. Society brainwashes you to think that there is going to be completion. So the classic example of a stable society is this utopian place where you are born, then you go to kindergarten, then you go to school, then high school, and college after that. Theoretically, get a job, get promoted, retire, and die.

And yet there is no completion.

So I am a regular citizen, I work at this corporation, I like this type of food, I have this special mug, I am a fan of Game of Thrones, this is my wife, we will be together forever, etc. And when things start to screw up, you are like: “I did what they told me to do, I went to school, I got a wife, but then she cheated on me.”

And you are confused as hell. “How could this happen to me? How could this not work?”

Society wants you to learn just this small skill so you can complete this small task. That way you can stay asleep. Having to make decisions it’s much harder, it’s gonna demand more from you mentally and physically. So when you hear things like “never be complete” or “it is never done”, this is very intimidating for a lot of people.

There are many different reasons why we all want be told what to do. So if we take it chronologically, human beings come from hierarchy, humans beings respond to hierarchy, we come from tribes, we respond to tribal leaders.

But the main reason I am going to focus on is the one regarding the fact that we are all tired and we are all scared.

Imagine that you have hustled for the past ten years so you can build a small business for yourself, and you are just fucking tired.

So because we are tired and scared, we just wish for someone to tell us that everything will be ok and just give us a direction.

And you are in a state where you don’t know how to start something that could be yours, you don’t know how to get a job and you are scared, you do not want to be in charge. So you just go to school. I mean going to school is good, right? How could school be bad? I have this teacher telling me how life works and what I need to do in order for things to work out. But how can that be right when every person is different? The teacher needs to be like water so he/she can infiltrate in different areas of the students’s life, in order for him to figure stuff out and grow.

Now maybe the reason why we are all so tired and so scared is that there is no ultimate answer to a lot of things.