Invest in things that can eliminate friction

One of the wisest investments you can make is in anything that can remove friction from your life. Friction leads to wasted time and energy, so the less of it you have, the more efficiently you’ll be able to work and live.

The clothes you wear can be a source of friction. Ditch those itchy sweaters and stiff pants and replace them with soft, breathable fabrics that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing. Opt for loose yet flattering fits that won’t constrict your movements. You’ll feel less hassle and more at ease.

Your kitchen tools and appliances can also cause unnecessary irritation. Buy a good non-stick pan that effortlessly releases eggs with no stuck-on mess. Replace dull knives with sharp ones that glide through ingredients instead of wrestling with them. Get a whizzy new blender that purees like magic. If chopping and stirring feels more like a struggle, it may be time for some culinary friction relief.

Your means of transportation is another friction point. Avoid crowded, delayed public transit whenever possible in favor of smooth personal driving, cycling or walking. Rented cars and bikes are ideal - you can leave the hassles of ownership like repairs and insurance to someone else. The faster and less stressful you can get from A to B, the more time you have for the good stuff in life.

Even small things like a squeaky door hinge or stiff drawer can give you friction flashes throughout the day. Apply some lubricant oil, tighten screws, and clear out clutter to get those irritants gliding and sliding smoothly once more.

The less time you lose to sources of irritation and annoyance, the more time you gain for what really matters - so invest wisely in anything that helps reduce unnecessary friction from your daily routine. Smooth operating is good living!