Become a strategic genius

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I believe you can produce insight even if you are not an autistic genius.

You can simply integrate massive amounts of stimuli per unit of time and change.

Train yourself to get back to first principles thinking.

Strive to penetrate socially accepted paradigms.

Do that by sensing the inflections happening when you are surrounded by small and huge amounts of social energy.

Do not blindly follow everything. Because everything can become anything. That can put you on an unstable path.

Improve the efficiency of your dialogue.

Expand that efficiency to densely populated areas.

Use the internet.

Improve the conversation.

Improve what people are paying attention to.

What people remember.

Asking the right questions beats solving the question.

Aim to spend more portions of your time talking to people and asking them questions they can provide an answer to, people operating in that field and in that position.

Ideally, these answers you are collecting should be evergreen and fundamental units of thought inhabiting the minds and conscious experience of future generations working on that subject.

If you are feeling sad, you can make other people love you. Make is a strong word, but hear me out! If you are sufficiently effective to prove yourself useful multiple times and produce things, people will be naturally more drawn to you.

The ability to self-reflect and get rid of or reconfigure leftover ineffective mental frameworks that have been passed on to you by your family and friends for generations. Clear thinking.

If you need to spend money for a specific service that is going to gain you and the others around you time too — do it.

Time is the most important resource you have.

It is far more effective to build yourself an incubator where you can gather and have conversations with people on the same spectrum, but different in subtle ways. In the old days, if you owned something like an Inn, you pretty much had it covered. You would connect to people by default, providing food, drinks, and shelter on a rainy day. You could then make favors and have leverage. Remember the Vander and the first episode of Arcane? > man: You folks need anything? woman: Leave us. man: You sure about that? Sounded to me like… woman: Piss off. man: Ah. ( object scrapes ) I think I know what you need. woman: You don’t seem to listen, barman… man: A bit of advice. Don’t threaten the guy who pours the drinks.woman: So you’re Vander. woman: Hound of the Underground. I expected something… younger. We were expecting traders who would honor their word, so I guess we’re all disappointed. You got us all wrong, my friend. We were just… negotiating. man: Now you’re speaking my language. How about you just give Huck the rest of what you owe him, and I’ll let you walk out of here in one piece? Do we, uh… have a deal?

Create evergreen content on the Internet. You can do that via writing, programming, design, music, video production. Following immortality is following love itself.

One can manage to have influence by creating a personal paradigm and value system that’s powerful enough to discretely make other individuals want to follow your thinking, but also enhance it. Think about how Linus Torvalds’s mind patterns are embedded within the often-invisible layer of the Linux distribution.


You can become lethal by developing skills as a non-technical individual, assuming that you have some blend of self-awareness and some method to absorb the world around you. If you storm through the city during rush hour, managing to solve micro-errands, texting, catching the bus, employing various and personal self-orientation techniques while keeping your head clear and protecting your decision-making capabilities, you are on the right track.

If you believe what you want to do and gradually prove yourself legit, the world itself will shape around your goals. Less talk, more work.

Ask yourself, what would I care about in 5 years?