In this case, you already have taken the input in, and you are looking for ways to output what you absorbed. And the pencil is the tool that can help you generate the desired output, the processing tool of your choice.

And everything we do in terms of computing what we took in, what we allowed in, is important in a way we cannot yet understand.

Scheduling time for reflection, time to write and think, time to process might nowadays seem burdensome. It is about the time where you can sit in the stream of information and allow that information the circulate. Things you saw during the day, things you touched and ate. Do you really feel them?

What you can do is to start asking simple question such as:

What type of input do I want to allow in if I want to achieve a specific desired outcome?

And then move to the next step where I am creating an environment that allows me to seamlessly process these inputs so that I can achieve productive outcomes.

Time to sit, meditate, walk, stretch, go out for a bike ride or go rollerblading.

Your micro-movements and actions shape who you are. The way you walk, sit, touch, feel. Everything is interconnected.

Start paying attention.