Are humans isolating themselves to death?

You can spray out a substance on your skin and mosquitoes will stop attacking you. And then you won’t have to think about that for the rest of your day.

I didn’t spend any time recently worrying about being devoured by a lion. Or that I would get cholera from the water bottle I bought from the supermarket.

Clothes and shoes make it easier for you to navigate the world, protect you from its harshness, and also gives you one more mental block to juggle with, as you don’t have to worry about the cold weather.

Over time, we’ve added buffers between ourselves and the world. These unperceivable filters have also helped us build a more civilized existence. But when this is unbalanced on a macro scale, it also becomes a privilege. When one individual has more buffers than the other, then things are not going to turn out well for everyone. And the reality is that we need to face them and look them in the metaphoric eye.

And when other people have clean water, your clean water is not going to be less useful. But when you are playing on a level where they do not have clean water, then you are sure in a different spot, as their contribution to you and the world changes.

The buffers we’ve built are not wide enough. Food, water, education, violence are still missing theirs. And working overtime might be the solution, building small things, every day, things that will help more of us not to worry.